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We offer beer from of our production:

Štěpán - Czech style classic pale lager

Unfiltered, unpasteurised lager with a smooth, hoppy, and full flavour.

Štěpán - Czech style classic dark lager

Unfiltered, unpasteurised pilsner style dark lager with full hoppy flavour, accepted often even by those who otherwise don´t prefer dark beers.


Due to its popularity in Austria and Germany, this beer is known worldwide under its German names Weizen and/or Weissbier. Only few people know that this top-fermented beer made of both barley and wheat malts was the most typical beer in the Czech lands since the early Middle Ages until the end of the 19th century, when it was totally pushed off the market by bottom-yeast fermented pilseners.

Sour Cherry Beer

Special beer that excellently weds seemingly antagonistic flavours. It has a garnet colour and a pleasant bouquet of hops and cherries. At the same time, it is not weeter than other beers. Beware of pit. We serve it with a real cherry in the glass.

Coffee Beer

Dark lager with a fine and yet significant coffee flavour. Very popular especially among our female clients.

Banana Beer

This is the brother of our Weizen. The natural fruity flavour of the top-fermented wheat beer is delicately stressed with a fine aroma and flavour of banana.

Nettle Beer

This delicately greenish beer tastes and smells of dried nettle leaves.

This month's special: Blueberry Beer

A hint of blueberries can be found both in the colour and especially in the delicate flavour of this unusual beer.

Bottled beer:

Šamp - beer champagne

With addition of champagne style yeast, this beer ferments and ages for several weeks in bottles. It is an excellent welcome drink, aperitif, and/or beverage accompanying a dessert. It has been produced in cooperation with the brewery in the city of Strakonice (South Bohemia).

Black Hill - beer aperitif

After many experiments, Pivovarský dům has prepared a recipe for this extraordinary herbal beer aperitif. Is has been produced by the Černá Hora brewery.

Other beers from our portfolio:

Original Stout

Stout top-fermented beer has been brewed mainly on the Brittish isles and in Ireland since the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. It is usually prepared of blend of light and roasted malts.


The name of this beer derives from the German name of March. It is a semi-dark special with 13% of original extract. You can find it on our tap regularly every March.


You can find this strong semi-dark beer on our tap annually in May.


Strong Bavarian-style special lager with typical deep amber color, malty flavour, and bitterness.

Chilli Beer

A lager with a zesty, warming-up aftertaste.